Saturday fun day…

We started today off packing a picnic lunch for ourselves and we headed down to the Farmers Market on John’s Island and basically looked around and talked with some of the people who have booths there.  We did end up buying some BBQ’d Sea Salt and Fresh Corn that was picked just last night!  To

Potato Salad

Summer hasn’t even officially started and I’m already on a potato salad kick! I can’t help myself! I’m a gluten for all things potatoes! And like I said before, I got started in the kitchen today and couldn’t stop! While I still had a little of the “Radish Green Pesto Potato Salad” left I knew

Homemade BBQ Sauce

This afternoon ended up being a busy day in the kitchen.  It wasn’t intended to be that way because I had a list of other things to do but once I got started I couldn’t stop making stuff for this weekend.  First on the agenda was dinner tonight.  I make a mean marinated tofu, but