Creamy Radish Green Soup

This soup came about due to the abundance of radish greens we had from our garden.  It is full of Vitamins A, Vitamins C and Calcium!  You get a lot of bang for your buck with this tasty green soup!  This soup comes together quickly and is perfect for a weeknight meal if your radish

Potato Salad

Summer hasn’t even officially started and I’m already on a potato salad kick! I can’t help myself! I’m a gluten for all things potatoes! And like I said before, I got started in the kitchen today and couldn’t stop! While I still had a little of the “Radish Green Pesto Potato Salad” left I knew

Homemade BBQ Sauce

This afternoon ended up being a busy day in the kitchen.  It wasn’t intended to be that way because I had a list of other things to do but once I got started I couldn’t stop making stuff for this weekend.  First on the agenda was dinner tonight.  I make a mean marinated tofu, but

Tuna-less Tuna Salad

When I first went vegetarian I had taken all meat out of my diet, including fish.  Which surprisingly was the one thing I missed a lot because I didn’t think I ate it that often and when I did, I didn’t think I loved it that much!  With that being said, one of the first

Egg-less Egg Salad…

The other day Jim used the rest of te tofu scramble and made a sandwich out of it and added a pickle to it.  Of coarse I had to have a bite and it tasted just like an egg salad sandwich and I’ve been craving one ever since.  So today I threw this together in