Kitchen Sink Baked Potato

I wasn’t in the mood to make dinner tonight and I know for some of you this will sound shocking but it happens to the best of us!  I told Jim he was on his own for dinner expecting him to make some toast, oatmeal or a bowl of cereal for himself or something easy

Salad with Homemade Garlicky Ranch Dressing

Yesterday I started a Professional Whole Foods Culinary Course through Rouxbe Cooking School.  I’m so darn excited to take a class on how to prepare delicious whole foods and take pictures of my creations.  My first assignment was to make something that we eat a lot of and enjoy so I made this and posted

Brocolli Curry Soup

Today we had a VERY LONG day of painting and getting the entire upstairs ready for new carpet tomorrow.  Well, it acutually has been a work in progress but this weekend we really hit it hard and I’m paying for it right now. I am so sore and tired that I can hardly remember my

Indian Lentil Curry

This is by far one of the best meals we have had in a long time.  The flavors are out of this world.  Be careful though, it’s a little spicy for some palates! Indian 3 Lentil Curry Serves 6 2 carrots, chopped 1 medium onion, chopped 1 lg. jalapeno pepper, deseeded, sliced and chopped into

Shepherd’s Pie

So I made this the other day and while it tasted ok and we ate it all in the matter of a couple of days, Jim and I both realized that we are pretty much over using  plant based meats in substitution of regular meats.  I think our taste buds would much prefer beans and

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza…

Last week we were on a major pizza kick!  The first part of the week we made pizza with Trader Joe’s pizza sauce that we had left over in the freezer.  However, the following night we wanted pizza again and we were out of pizza sauce.  I went online and found so many recipes for

Asian Salad…

Today I was at a big box store and saw a pre-packaged Asian salad.  I was about to buy it and then looked at the ingredients and realized I already had EVERYTHING at home!  The packaged one also had added sugar and oils in it which I don’t necessarily need.  So, I moved on knowing

Carnita’s and Sweet Potatoes

Today we worked all day on the upstairs, cleaning things up and adding a new wall to make a “hallway”.  Fun stuff!  This evening while Jim was working upstairs on things that I couldn’t help with, I was busy paying bills.  We are trying to stick to our food budget and after taking a closer