Shepherd’s Pie

So I made this the other day and while it tasted ok and we ate it all in the matter of a couple of days, Jim and I both realized that we are pretty much over using  plant based meats in substitution of regular meats.  I think our taste buds would much prefer beans and […]

Brussels Sprouts with Coconut, Mustard and Ginger Sauce

I came across a recipe for Brussels Sprouts that called for canned coconut milk and knew I had to make it.  The only thing was, I also knew my taste buds were craving mustard because, well, my favorite recipe for Brussels Sprouts has a mustard glaze sauce on them but I had leftover coconut milk […]

Cowboy Caviar…

So this comes a week late but I guess it’s better late than never.  I made this last week for Super Bowl Sunday along with some other goodies that unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of because, well, it was eaten as quickly as I could pull it out of the oven.  I am referring […]

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza…

Last week we were on a major pizza kick!  The first part of the week we made pizza with Trader Joe’s pizza sauce that we had left over in the freezer.  However, the following night we wanted pizza again and we were out of pizza sauce.  I went online and found so many recipes for […]